Leder Ogawa Shell Cordovan - Coffee

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For over 50 years, Leder Ogawa has dedicated itself to perfecting its unique interpretation of Shell Cordovan leather. Their product is renowned worldwide for its exquisite luster, rich depth of color depth, and transparency like crystal glass.

Only the cordovan layer of European stallions is suitable for producing this iconic leather, with each horse yielding only two small oval shells. These shells undergo a six-month-long vegetable tanning process, followed by meticulous degreasing, drying, shaving, glazing, hand-dyeing, and finishing by skilled artisans. You can learn more about the production process here.

Their specialized shaving process sets Leder Ogawa apart, allowing them to produce an exceptionally thin and consistent product - as thin as 2.5-3.0oz (1.0-1.2mm).

Genuine Shell Cordovan is unlike any other leather, as it's extracted from beneath the skin of an equine animal's rump, where it's more akin to cartilage than traditional leathers. For this reason, Shell cordovan has no grain or flesh side, making it a truly unique leather.