Wickett & Craig Unglazed Harness (Lodge 47) - Vegetable Tanned

Wickett & Craig Unglazed Harness (Lodge 47) - Vegetable Tanned

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We are proud to offer Wickett & Craig's "Un-glazed Harness" previously named Lodge 47 leather on our web store.


Finish: Naked

Hand Feel: Soft touch, medium temper

Weights: 2-3oz (0.8-1.2mm) - 15oz (6.0mm) 

Colors: Russet, Teak, Walnut, Claret, Black, Olive.


This formula is reminiscent of old world leather that has a natural burnish.  The oils in the leather offer a softer hand and temper.  With use, it will develop a patina quicker than English Bridle.  The naked finish will show all the character of the hide with natural markings from the jumbo North American steer. 


If you do not see your desired weight and grade, please send us an email: sales@mptw.ca